The ISO 9000 Quality Certification has been widespread among companies for many years now and represents a guarantee of reliability of the production and business process.

The ISO technical and international standard defines quality as the “degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements”.

First of all this means quality of work, namely the method followed to do the work at each and every stage, from planning to design, from development to the performance of the service.


The ISO methodology involves abandoning rules of conduct founded on “practice” for a regulated definition of “who does what, how it must be done, within how much time, using which resources and under whose control.”

The Quality System Certification for Studio Martelli & Partners is the result of the intention to have a quality management model that is documented and consolidated in its application.


The “system documentation” consists of a quality manual, which is a document that sets out the working methods, internal procedures, i.e. the codified rules that identify the methodologies to be used and working instructions or rules of conduct that the law firm’s partners and staff must observe.

The decision to be counted among the few law firms with certification in Italy is a guarantee of transparency and reliability which can only benefit the client.

In 2010 Studio Martelli & Partners was awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” and was the first law firm to achieve this coveted award.