Business network


The creation of business networks is an effective legal solution which aims to increase companies’ innovation and competitiveness in the market.


The network agreement more usually concerns SMEs and aims to increase their businesses in Italy and abroad. With ten years of experience in the formation of companies, Studio Martelli & Partners assists its clients from a legal perspective as well as from a strategic and operational one.
In particular, the legal strategy which is used ever more frequently when pursuing internationalisation is that of the formation of business networks abroad.
The law firm guarantees its clients an optimisation of all the tax and administrative advantages as well as greater access to credit and financing.


Studio Martelli & Partners supports its clients throughout all the stages of business network formation:


  • Analysis of company competitiveness and factors that could improve it.
  • Identification of factors for improving competitiveness that are potentially common to the other companies
  • Initiate contacts with other companies that could potentially be interested in forming a Network.
  • Definition of objectives for improving competitiveness which are common to those companies interested in forming a network.
  • Description of the activities that the network should follow.
  • Preparation of a network programme, with the contents specified by law.
  • Preparation of a draft agreement and related decisions concerning the network setup.
  • Approval of participation in the business network by each participant.
  • Preparation of the network agreement.
  • Registration of the agreement in the Register of Companies by each participant.
  • Legal protection and assistance in the event of disputes.


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