Company Formation


Studio Martelli & Partners has particular expertise in setting up companies in Italy and abroad.

Consulting services are aimed at individuals or already existing companies who need to establish a company or change a company’s structure. The professionals of Studio Martelli & Partners can outline the best solution for the client, assisting clients during all the legal, technical and bureaucratic steps until the operational launch of the company. Afterwards Studio Martelli accompanies the newco through its evolution, assisting with all the corporate legal services, tax planning and internationalisation. All this work is aimed at benefiting and promoting the newco’s interests.
The legal services provided are designed based on the client’s specific needs and are performed by a team consisting of the most appropriate specialists in order to ensure constant involvement in strategic and managerial decisions.
Studio Martelli & Partners is specialised in the formation of companies abroad, particularly in Europe, Middle East and offshore countries.

Formation and management of companies

  • Formation of companies in Italy, Great Britain, Luxembourg
  • Formation of Joint Stock Companies
  • Formation of Trading Companies
  • Formation of Holding Companies
  • Formation of Royalty Companies
  • Formation of Trust Companies
  • Formation of Foundations
  • Formation of Branches
  • Fiduciary administration and management
  • Coordination of logistics services for the formation of companies abroad (accounts, desk, translation, administration and secretariat services etc.)




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