For over 10 years Studio Martelli & Partners has worked with leading Italian and foreign insurance companies on a daily basis and has provided them with legal assistance all over Italy.
It also provides management consulting and training for personnel working in insurance.
The law firm makes use of the multi-disciplinary interaction of the following branches: civil, criminal and arbitration.
Studio Martelli & Partners is equipped with a computer system that is designed ad hoc and allows it to:


  • offer clients the possibility to view the status of their case files in real time
  • update the technical reserves of the principal companies
  • synchronise the electronic civil proceeding system with Studio Martelli’s web interface


Studio Martelli’s modus operandi is particularly innovative and characteristic also allows it to identify any critical issue pending in Italy on behalf of the principal companies.
The proprietary network for human and technological resources developed by Studio Martelli & Partners guarantees its extensive presence throughout Italy, allowing client companies to have one single point of contact for the whole national litigation.

Professional liability
Studio Martelli has specific expertise in proceedings relating to the professional liability of doctors and other people who work in healthcare facilities (medical malpractice).


In Criminal Law, the law firm offers consulting services and assistance to the Anti-Fraud Offices of the main Italian insurance companies which include:

  • assessing the existence of criminal and fraudulent conduct against the insurance companies, and dealing with the pre-trail investigation;
  • takes steps to boost the judicial authority’s repressive and punitive proceedings with the competent public prosecutors’ offices;
  • representing companies in the event of criminal proceedings and safeguarding their economic interests until the damages awarded have been recovered.


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