Wealth Management

Correct management of wealth requires particular specialisation in several areas of law – mainly tax, inheritance and insurance law. Studio Martelli & Partners has a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers in these three areas who are able to assist clients in managing their assets.

The law firm also offers strategic advice which allow the client’s actual needs to be defined and proposes solutions, in Italy and abroad, which best respond to the objectives set to protect and increase the client’s real estate and financial assets.

The team of lawyers then proceeds to create an asset management architecture which guarantees solidity and increases their value over time. In the most appropriate cases, for example, Studio Martelli & Partners can create a trust, a legal institute which can take very different forms depending on the needs and purposes of the assets or part of them.

Management of personal or family property is one of Studio Martelli’s areas of specialisation and it has offices in Italy and abroad. The legal services offered with regard to wealth management (also known as the family office) are:

  • legal advice for managing assets
  • strategic advice for protecting real estate and financial assets
  • specialisation in the inheritance of assets
  • creation of trusts
  • protecting personal and family assets
  • legal assistance for financial or real estate investments
  • specialisation in tax law
  • formation of offshore companies



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