Studio Martelli & Partners is able to provide its clients with efficient legal assistance in corporate and business law, dedicated to entrepreneurs as well as Italian and foreign legal persons (commercial and non-commercial companies and entities).



Services include legal assistance in forming companies, drafting shareholder agreements, or other types of contracts or agreements between shareholders and the formation of joint ventures.


Studio Martelli & Partners has also acquired specific expertise in extraordinary corporate operations such as mergers, de-mergers and/or acquisitions, conducted by transferring shares and equity, or through the sale of companies or business units and company assets.
The law firm deals with all the business and financial stages, from analysing the investment to strategic planning.


The corporate legal services provided are designed based on the client’s specific needs and are performed by a team consisting of the most appropriate specialists in order to ensure constant involvement in strategic and managerial decisions.


In these areas consulting services are always preceded by careful due diligence, which is done in the course of in-depth internal controls conducted within the company with which the client intends to start a business relationship.
The aim is to assess the well-being of the corporate bodies, the existence of any pending litigation, prior convictions or liability of a criminal, civil or administrative nature, in order to indicate to the client which company best meets its business needs.

Studio Martelli & Partners has developed experience in all areas of corporate governance, from management and control structures to the activities of management bodies and meetings.
The professionals who work with the law firm are able to offer their valuable advice to such bodies on the powers, duties and responsibilities within and outside the companies.


Studio Martelli & Partners also offers its comprehensive consulting services in industrial law, intellectual property and information technology to organisations and businesses.


The law firm is able to assist the client in complex operations even outside national borders in order to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market.


Studio Martelli assists companies who intend to begin the internationalisation of their business activities.



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