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The legal aspects related to the world of art concern different fields of law which are closely linked. Aspects of inheritance law, international law, intellectual property, insurance law and company law are intertwined in Art Law as well as criminal and civil law.

Studio Martelli & Partners offers its experience in Art Law and caters to all private or institutional investors who wish to operate in the art market and are seeking a legal consultant capable of assisting the client in all the stages: in the appraisal of the work, the purchase in Italy and abroad and sale on the national and international market.


Purchasing or selling a work of art – the legal aspects

Studio Martelli & Partners is able to assist the client from the moment the work is purchased, whether this occurs in a gallery, an auction, a fair or directly from individuals. Our network of experts can deal with the appraisal of the work and our lawyers deal with the procedural, bureaucratic and insurance aspects for the purchase and importation of works of art from abroad. Particular attention is paid to protecting the buyer who may have mistakenly purchased a fake work of art or may be the victim of a fraud, to ensure that they obtain compensation for the damage.
The law firm’s lawyers and consultants, experts in art law, assist clients in the import and export of works of art thanks to a solid network of collaborators and correspondents all over the world.


Inherited works of art

Studio Martelli & Partners has proven experience in providing legal assistance in the case of successions, inheritances or donations. The law firm assists clients by ensuring maximum legal protection in all the stages of the inheritance or division of assets among several heirs and provides legal assistance in the event of disputes.


Management of assets, works of art and art collections

Owing to its specialisation in commercial, tax and international law, Studio Martelli & Partners is able to assist clients in the management and income generation of their artistic assets. This is done by identifying the best legal institute for managing the asset whether it, or part of it, is in Italy or abroad. For example by creating a trust.
The legal services provided with regard to Art Law include:

  • appraisal of works of art
  • legal assistance in the purchase of works of art in Italy or abroad
  • legal assistance in the sale of works of art in Italy or abroad
  • importing works of art
  • exporting works of art
  • legal protection in the event of fake works of art
  • legal assistance in the case of successions, inheritances and donations
  • management of artistic assets



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