Real estate


Studio Martelli & Partners has over a decade of experience in providing legal services regarding real estate. Our team of lawyers specialised in real estate, international and corporate law, contacts Italian and foreign investors for the sale and purchase of real estate in Italy and abroad.


The law firm can provide legal advice as well as legal and procedural support during every stage of the operation, from due diligence to the search for funding, from purchase to the divestment and valuation of the real estate property.

Studio Martelli & Partners works throughout Italy and directly in the main European and Middle Eastern countries via its foreign offices. The Dubai office of Studio Martelli & Partners is specialised in real estate operations over the entire MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, particularly with regard to real estate and land of all sizes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE.

In the case of the purchase of property for income generation, the law firm deals with the management of the real estate assets and the legal procedures connect to them such as the management of lease contracts. In the case of construction projects and redevelopment the lawyers of Studio Martelli & Partners assist the client in drafting the financing, planning, project finance and works contracts. Where necessary, the law firm assists in the out-of-court and in-court resolution of any disputes.

Studio Martelli & Partners has particular expertise in real estate operations abroad, where the Italian or foreign investor is required to deal with the legal aspects concerning local and international law, and in handling the red tape and tax paperwork.

The main real estate services offered by the law firm are:

  • legal assistance in the purchase of real estate in Italy and abroad
  • legal assistance in the sale of real estate in Italy and abroad
  • corporate and contract law
  • administration and management of real estate property
  • lease contracts
  • works contracts and real estate operations
  • assistance with tax law in Italy and abroad
  • purchase of real estate in the UAE
  • purchase of real estate in Europe



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