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A new call for tender for internationalisation
A new call for tender to boost internationalisation is coming soon for Tuscan businesses. The call for tender, approved by the Regional Government, is intended for micro, small and medium businesses and is aimed at creating investment projects for internationalisation in implementation of POR CReO Fesr 2014-2020. 
New funding for SMBs
More than 1 billion Euros in funding for Italian SMBs: this is the result of the agreement between the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the Guarantee Fund for SMBs signed a matter of days ago at the Ministry for Economic Development.
Festival of Arab culture in Perugia
From May 3 to June 5 an event dedicated entirely to the Arab world will be held in Perugia: "On a mission in the Arab Emirates: municipal councillor Fioroni on the hunt for trade and cultural agreements"
Tuscany aims at Iran and the UAE
Upon the focus presented by Sace, the credit export insurance company of the Cdp group, during the conference “L'export toscano alla prova dei nuovi rischi globali” (Tuscan export to the test of the new global risks), it emerged that the United Arab Emirates and Iran were among the most attractive locations for Tuscan export.
Iran: Italy has a golden opportunity after the elections
 "Italy has a golden opportunity: to anticipate its competitors, Spain and France in particular, in a number of industrial projects that could be worth between 25 and 40 billion euro in four years: Renzi will have the golden opportunity to present projects and agreements that can have a mutual benefit for both countries".
Italy and the UAE into space

Over the last few days Italian Space Agency president Roberto Battiston signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Abu Dhabi with UAE Space Agency...

Guarantee Fund for Italian SMEs pays out almost 300m euros
A total of 289m euros have been granted to SMEs by the Guarantee Fund of Start-Ups and Incubators. The data emerging from the 5th bimonthly Report on access to the Guarantee Fund of Start-Ups and Incubators, published by MISE on 13th January, reveal that.