Studio Martelli’s network has been carefully selected using a veritable due diligence.

Professionals’ training follows the Studio Martelli’s standards in order to ensure service excellence for the client in all practice areas all over Italy and abroad.

The law firm’s philosophy is to recruit highly qualified professionals in all areas of law in order to meet the needs of all kinds of clients.
Using networking, Studio Martelli & Partners has created a structure comprising of a parent office which, together with a number of carefully selected partners, has resulted in a network of professionals who are all interconnected and are spread all over Italy.


Via delle Milizie, 4
00192 – Roma – Italia
Tel. +39 0686329688
Fax. +39 0686211319
Via Montebello 24
20121 – Milano – Italia
Tel. +39 02 94437658
Fax: +39 02 89356036
Via Francesco Cilea 183
80127 – Napoli – Italia
Tel 081.19757626
Fax 081.19758049