Studio Martelli & Partners provides specific assistance aimed at identifying the form of financing, whether public or private, national or international, which is best suited to the project for developing the company. Thanks to their decades of experience in many areas, the firm’s lawyers work in agreement with the client to plan and obtain access to such forms of financing, also thanks to the use of innovative legal instruments and the consolidated international network of collaborators.

Studio Martelli & Partners caters to companies of any size, planning the access to private or public financing.
The forms of financing that are most frequently requested from the law firm are:


  • Crowd funding, ideal for small entrepreneurs or companies during their start-up phase. The financing process involves small but numerous amounts of money from a variety of individuals/organisations.
  • Angel Investor, or business angel, an “informal” investor in companies’ risk capital. The adjective “informal” contrasts this figure to professional investors in risk capital, namely those who adopt a formal analysis approach to investments in equity.
  • Private Equity, financing whereby an institutional investor buys shares in a target company either by purchasing shares from third parties or by subscribing to newly issued shares.
  • Venture Capital, capital injection made by an investor to finance the start-up or growth of a business in sectors with a high potential for development, but also high risk.
  • Mini-Bonds, an alternative financing channel to bank financing for SMEs which allows the issue of short-term debt instruments, also called financial bills, and medium/long-term debt instruments better known as bonds, when specific requirements are met.
  • European Funds, financing and subsidies offered by the European Union for a wide range of projects and programmes in various sectors. These funds are granted under strict rules to ensure that their use is carefully controlled, transparent and accountable.
  • Regional Funding, periodically made available in order to support production activities aimed at expanding or renovating the facilities.



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