Fashion Law


Fashion Law is a pioneering area which encompasses different areas of law. It concerns protection of intellectual property, customs law, the fight against counterfeiting, commercial law contracts.

Studio Martelli & Partners was one of the first law firms in Italy to specialise in fashion law and today it has an entire department dedicated to this particular area of law.

The law firm’s expertise lies in the fight against counterfeiting thanks to the Special Anti-Fraud Unit which the law firm manages in-house.


Fashion law and anti-counterfeiting

The Fashion Law department caters to small, medium and large companies operating in the sector of fashion and luxury goods. The law firm assists its clients during all the stages of design, production, distribution and promotion of products and services to protect the brand and manage any disputes. The team is composed of lawyers specialised in different areas of law who cooperate together to ensure a pragmatic and multi-disciplinary approach which aims to achieve the client’s business objectives in Italy and abroad.


The main legal services for Fashion Law concern:

  • National and international contracts
  • Business Internationalisation
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Brand and Made in Italy protection
  • Litigation management
  • Anti-fraud and the fight against counterfeiting
  • Customs protection
  • Criminal protection
  • Financing
    • Crowdfunding
    • Private equity
    • Angel investors
  • Company start-up
  • Mergers and acquisitions

We share a single purpose with our clients: the protection and promotion of creativity in all its legal aspects.


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