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Managing Senior Partner | Business Development Area

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Giovanni Battista Martelli is senior managing partner of Studio Martelli & Partners.

His expertise is the result of experience gained over the years in two different areas: the internationalisation of businesses and the insurance industry.

With regard to business internationalisation, Giovanni Battista Martelli possesses extensive knowledge of all the issues companies face when they decide to expand their business abroad and, more particularly, in the Middle East, the MENA region, Russia and the UK.

He has assisted several companies operating in the Renewable Energy, Food & Beverage, Health, Facility Management and Security sectors and supported them throughout all the stages of the internationalisation process and, subsequently, in their day-to-day operations: from assessing business potential and market analysis to identifying and involving strategic partners and searching for sources of financing, from defining business plans, feasibility studies and industrial plans to creating foreign companies, branches and agencies.

Giovanni Battista Martelli has been appointed, together with Studio Martelli & Partners, legal counsel
(for Europe) of Sheikh Manea Al Maktoum, member of the royal family of Dubai, UAE (2008)
(for Europe) of PetroGas International Ltd of Dubai, whose CEO is H.R.H. Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Al Saud (2010)
(for Italy) of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Sultan Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi for all business and private activities (2014)

As a “registered European lawyer” in the UK he has cooperated with leading law firms in numerous projects based in London: from the creation of UK and international trusts to providing support to clients who wish to enter the British market by establishing companies in the UK and who need to be closely assisted from the creation of a new company to reviewing their correspondence and trade agreements.

With regard to his experience in the insurance sector, Giovanni Battista Martelli is panel counsel for many insurance companies and he has written a legal handbook which aims to define the best operational practices for the correct management of insurance litigation by external law firms.


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Practice areas
Insurance Law
Business Internationalisation
Tax Planning
Real Estate
Wealth Management
Art & Collections

Insurance companies, Dubai, MENA region, Emerging Markets

Law degree from the Sapienza University of Rome

Member of
Bar Association of Rome (2002)

Listed in the database of the Dubai Arbitration Centre (DIFC/LCIA) and in the list of arbitrators of the Dubai Arbitration Centre (DIFC/LCIA) (2013)

Languages spoken

Office in