23 Feb Guarantee Fund for Italian SMEs pays out almost 300m euros

A total of 289m euros have been granted to SMEs by the Guarantee Fund of Start-Ups and Incubators. The data emerging from the 5th bimonthly Report on access to the Guarantee Fund of Start-Ups and Incubators, published by MISE on 13th January, reveal that.we are speaking of loans on average worth 270,000 euros for a total of 1,054 operations, also considering that some start-ups were granted more than one loan. According to the report, the innovative start-ups that were given bank loans thanks to the intervention of the Guarantee Fund for SMEs are711. Simplified access to the funds is available via a priority channel (Medio Credito Centrale) to the fund that makes access to loans easier by granting guarantees for bank loans. Namely, the guarantee covers 80% of the loan provided by the bank to the start-up, up to maximum 2.5m euros.

According to data processed by MISE as of December 2015, there is a general growth compared to the previous data collected on 31 October 2015. The number of start-ups who benefited from the instrument increased (+85), along with the total cumulative amount issued (+34.16m), the guaranteed amount (+25.70m) and total operations carried out (+136). There is instead a decline in the amount of the average loan (-3,440 €), while the average duration of the loan remains constant, around 55 months.

The region with the highest number of loans granted is Lombardy (264), followed by Emilia Romagna (121) and Veneto (119). The lowest number of loans was granted in Valle d’Aosta (3), Molise (5) and Umbria (8).

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