26 Apr Tuscany aims at Iran and the UAE

Upon the focus presented by Sace, the credit export insurance company of the Cdp group, during the conference “L’export toscano alla prova dei nuovi rischi globali” (Tuscan export to the test of the new global risks), it emerged that the United Arab Emirates and Iran were among the most attractive locations for Tuscan export.

In fact, researchers “see” a possible opening for “a diversified basket of emerging markets, with risk profiles that can certainly not be ignored, which can however be addressed successfully and profitably by focusing on specific cover and a strategic approach.”

Among the five sectors that alone account for 67% of total Tuscan exports, Sace indicates opportunities in China, the UAE and Czech Republic for food and drinks; India and Saudi Arabia for textiles and clothing; Kenya, Iran and Thailand for mechanical engineering; UAE and Iran for means of transport; yet again Iran and Saudi Arabia for other manufacturing, which also includes the gold sector.

During the meeting, Alessandro Castellano, CEO of Sace, has said that over a thousand Tuscan companies, mainly SMEs, participated last year in their plans for international growth, with over a billion export insured transactions and guaranteed investments. “Today, with e-Commerce”, says Castellano, “we are beginning to see companies in the 50 to 100 million range, and therefore, not so small, which have a global footprint.”

The business theme on the web is also important for Leonardo Bassilichi, who spoke at the round table. “Three things are needed”, he said, “technology, which is the least of problems; instruments that support the guarantee; lastly, the most complex component, culture, which cannot be bought but is achieved by believing in something new and accepting change, which also means changing the rules within the company”.

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